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We have a new design!

Hey everyone,

We have implemented a new design for Food Tuner: a new landing page + new colors and overall presentation for your web app.

We hope you find it nice to use and intuitive. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback!


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Food Tuner Team

Food Tuner

Food Tuner gives you ideas of recipes from ingredients. So you can buy fresh food and new product without planning your recipes in advance.

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ft campaign

Food Tuner releases Alpha Version !!

Say hello to our Alpha version!


After several months, talking to potential users and trying to figure out what they need, we have finally achieved to create our alpha version.

We have now more than 300 recipes available from different cultures: Italian, French, Swiss, American, Asian and much more.

Wanna try it out? Request an early adopter access at:

Visit our landing page at

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